openSUSE Live CD

Then i run live cd everything ok, but then loading bar comes to end ir give me the shell (thich i don’t understand)

I see is everyhing is ok but in two lines:
Starting service kdm failed.
Failed services in runlevel 5: earlyxdm.

How it can be fixed ?

Sounds like it could well be graphics.

Do you have an ATI or Nvidia graphics card?

I have nvidia: Geforce 5200 FX

Strange, at this time don’t show any error, but shell still apear, so i login: linux, say gdod luck using blabla …
And tyme: startx, but whit kde i think my nvidia don’t work correctly, because sometimes I can see black arrows ar something flickering about ~1 sec. I think try with gnome.

You could try running (as root) ‘sax2 -r’, to redetect the video. If that fails, try

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

Which will switch you to the vesa driver. If you can then figure out how to get to a normal user, so much the better, because then ‘startx’ should work. You could startx as root, just to see if it works, but actually doing anything with a root GUI session is a very bad idea - even on a live cd.

Sorry I can’t help more… hopefully someone else can chip in.

Thanks for reply,
I think i will take a paragon partition magic, create new disk (H:/) and try install full version then update graphic card drivers.

And one question:
How properly set internet?

Some info:
Device name: WAN Miniport (PPPOE)
Device type: PPPoE
Server type: PPP
Transports: TCP/IP
Authentication: PAP

Internet Provider: Zebra (Lithuania)

Need more info ? just ask :wink:

All I can suggest is to let it autodetect it, and see what happens. If it fails, read the sticky at the top of the networking forum. If that (or google) don’t help, put a post with those details there.

I’ve found SUSE’s autodetection very good, but it is a completely open source system, so unless there are open source drivers for your equipment, you may have problems (like you may have done with your graphics).

Good luck!