opensuse, Lenovo Yoga 13, intel hd4000 video screwy

Hello all, i am trying to get opensuse 12.1 (i know its a little older but its what im running on multiple other systems) and im having major issues with the video

even right from the get go when i put my installation dvd in the external drive and boot from it the video is very screwy. my screen overlaps itself sort of. It begins about 1/6th or so to the right offset from where it should be and it wraps around. In other words in order the right side of the screen is actually showing up on the left edge of my monitor and the mouse works properly this way also. If i move the mouse pointer to the very right edge of my lcd, and move it further it wraps back around to the left. Almost like its an extended monitor in of itself. IDK if that description makes any sense at all

I thought it may be a driver issue that may get fixed during the isntallation, however it did not, the video is still very screwy when i boot from the USB drive.

Why might this be? the video card in question is the Intel HD4000 and the machine is a Lenovo Yoga

Likely because 12.1 was released well before Ivy Bridge was in the wild, and the intel driver in the xorg release in 12.1 was too immature in its support for the Ivy Bridge graphics adapters (HD4000, HD2500). You can try adding the xorg repo for 12.1 and updating your stack to it.

Would i have better luck using 12.2?

I do not have first hand experience with the installation of 12.2 on Ivy Bridge hardware, but judging by the number of posters in the forums whom have reportedly done so (and evidently without issue), I’d say you’d be fine lol!