OpenSuse Leap Wicked network 802.1x

Hi all,

I am looking to setup 802.1x support on a OpenSuse Leap 42.3 machine through wicked.

I found this form post -

Which was very useful and allowed me to get support for 802.1x using gnome network manager, however I can’t seem to find or configure 802.1x using wicked.

Does wicked officially support 802.1x? I have seen references to it for wicked but nothing actually showing how to enable it nor can I find how to enable it through yast.

Any help or direction would be great.

Thank you

If the system is set to use Networkmanager, wicked shouldn’t do anything. But …

Go YaST - System - Networksettings.
Set ( General tab) the networking to wicked.
Overview tab: tick the wifi card, click Edit
Set it to Dynamic IP address, Next
Leave the networking to Managed
Click Scan, select your ESSID
Select the Verification method ( most likely WPA-PSK )
Enter the passphrase ( key ) for your network
Click OK, OK and wait until done.

Reboot and you should be fine.

Mind, this means you will not see the Networkmanager in GNOME.

EDIT: I noticed it’s your first post here, so WELCOME !!

I’ve never seen 802.1x support in Wicked.
Switch over to Network Manager.


Sorry meant to say, this is for LAN not wireless.

I used network manager just as an experiment, I would rather use wicked as its opensuse’s default and less configuration steps.

However it appears wicked doesn’t support it all for lan?

Wicked is configurable for very ordinary wired and wireless (WPA shared) connections.
Does not support more complex connections like 802.1x and PPPoE and VPN connections… at least natively.


Like others have mentioned NM offers the obvious “turn-key” approach. Having said that wicked is very configurable (essentially an improvement of the traditional ifup framework), and so you could use a custom script in /etc/sysconfig/network/if-up.d/ to call wpa_supplicant as per this historic thread that may be of interest to you…