Opensuse leap release : freezing

Helleo everybody,

I choose installing the opensuse release leap, but :

when i finished the installation, with KDE desktop, the computer freeze sometime before logging or after loggin and anything possible to do even with shortcuts lique alt +ctrl +* or alt impr syste +i+u+s+…

I am not usin a cd , but a pendrive, de iso was cheking with checksum and is coresponding andanalysing before install .

i heart that it s coming maybe from the problem of nvidia driver,

I have serises 7 (c73 gforce 7100 / nforce 630i).

I hade the same problemes with others distribustion after liging working and after frozen or freezing and just shutdown or reboot .

I trued other distribution was warking when the pakages of driver was installed with GUI like distribution based ubuntu .

But with opensuse i can do anythings because even i pass the logging it frozen too instantanly when i am on the desk of KDE .

I do not kno what to do and whish solution i can use for installing teh open suse relase and stable without any problem

thank you for help and a solution will be work for a long time if it s possible i tryed enlightmannn and it sworking without any problem, but KDE it always frozen every time before or after loging .

Thank you and best regard

Try to install the proprietary nvidia driver:

If your system is too unstable to do that, try to choose a different desktop at the login screen (IceWM should be installed by default), or add “nomodeset” to the boot options to use a generic driver.
To do the latter, press ‘e’ at the boot menu, search for the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi”, append “nomodeset” at the end, and press ‘F10’ to boot.
Plasma may be slow then (because it uses the software OpenGL renderer), but it should be stable at least.