Opensuse Leap 42.3 / Windows 10 Creators Update Grub2 boot problems?


A strange thing I’m trying to hunt down for some months now.

Problem is, that sometimes (randomly, maybe one or two times per month) Windows 10 won’t boot.

From the start: I got an Asus Z170-K mainboard with latest bios installed. I got two different SSDs for Windows and Suse. I am a Suse user since 1995 and always got both systems on dualboot (so I am an old one :slight_smile: ). Since theis ASUS board I’ve installed Opensuse as an UEFI OS with secure boot on. Well I got this board since last year May and everything was fine…

…till fun starts this year April or maybe May :slight_smile: . The machine normally using the Grub2 bootmanager. From there I can choose between Linux and Windows. The freeze happens when you can see the Windows logo before the spinning logo appears. Then you can do a reset and the machine boots normal and works rock solid.

Focus is on the Grub bootmanager, cause swapping the EFI boot to windows this effect never came back for one or two monts. I also can reproduce it booting the machine multiple times. 10 times okay, then bammm. The next series 20 times okay, bammm. I also did a reinstall of both OS. First windows and his multible reboots untill everything is reinstalled. So two days later, reinstall of opensuse, boot changed to opensuse, to or three reboots into windows later the first freeze.

I already replaced my windows SSD to a new one and installed a fresh windows and opensuse. Same effect. Windows and Linux EFI partition in the same place and in different partitions … no difference. No USB disc attached, Keyboard USB HUB disconnected… nothing helps except not to use the Grub boot loader and starting opensuse by the UEFI bootmenu.

So any ideas what is going on or how to find out, what’s going wrong? Any one else experienced that? As I said, machine is solid stable. No problems. Memory tested, no disc errors, I can play up to date games for hours without freezing. Maybe it is not Grub, but it looks like that it got something to do with it.