OpenSuse Leap 42.3: Why do I have to press retry tree times when installing?


I have had similar issues in the past with opensuse and the enterprise edition. It has always been something which has bugged me when installing! Why do I have to press retry “n” times when installing from CD? Why only this distro? I remember while testing older versions, these never had a similar issue but it has been the cause at least for me to choose other distros.

I repeated the test today, after downloading a fresh copy from opensuse via torrent this time (last time mirror) just to make sure that the iso was not the problem. And guess what, I still notice these irritating errors from the YaST2 pop-up window saying: Subprocess failed:…unpacking of archive … kernel-frimware install failed/gnome-icon-theme/libreoffice. All I had to do is press “retry” 3 times: can’t it be part of the installation procedure? If a packet fails retry 3 times before generating the popup.

here is an example of the error that it gives me is (tried twice):

at 27% unpacking of archive failed on file /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/… rename failed No space left on device

Am I the only one?

Thanks Guys!


I have never had that happen. That “No space left on device” might be a hint.

If you are only at 27%, then this happens while running the installer. And the installer is partly running from memory. So “/lib” would be in memory. The device with no space is presumably your memory. So I am guessing that you are tight on memory.

… or, bad memory, where I have also seen that.