openSUSE Leap 42.3 missing MATE desktop choice

Download the the full 4+GB openSUSE Leap 42.3 ISO and started an install. When I hit the desktop choices section, MATE Desktop was not listed.

Perhaps I read the press release for openSUSE Leap 42.3 wrong, but it was my understanding that 42.3 was supposed to include MATE as an install choice.

Note: I have no desire to have multiple desktops installed, which is why I wanted give 42.3 a try…

MATE is there. But it is not on the DVD. You will have to add MATE from the repos after install.

Using your install media, install “minimal X”. That should log you into Icewm when you reboot and login.

In Icewm run Yast Software Management. Select the “Patterns” view, and select “MATE Desktop Environment” and “MATE base system”. Then switch to “Search” and make sure that “lightdm” is installed.

Complete the install of those patterns.

While the Yast Control Center is still running, go to:
System → /etc/sysconfig editor

From there, go to
Desktop → Display manager → DISPLAYMANAGER

and change DISPLAYMANAGER to “lightdm”. (It probably defaulted to “xdm”).

With those changes, reboot. You should get the “lightdm” login screen, and you should be able to select MATE.

About three hours after posting this, decide to try a second clean install.

This time when I clicked the “Other” desktop choices
It showed the openSUSE repositories list and 4 or 5 of them had check-marks on them.
I clicked the next button, it downloaded a few files, then when to the desktop choices.
Well golly-be, MATE was now a desktop choice, so it was selected and installed.

All is well now and I am a happy camper!

excuse me for the hijack… I am a longtime Mate user, and a total noob to openSUSE.

does Mate have the ability to drag and drop files and folders to the panel?

Mint and Ubuntu seem to be the only ones that have managed to break Mate, and they do not seem to be motivated to fix it.
I was hoping openSUSE would work for me.

PS: I have a fresh install and find that basic function is missing, but maybe it is a simple add on that I did not see

Just tested and can’t drag files to the default Panel.

But, you can “pin” apps to the Panel.

Just did this…

Rt-click on the Panel.
Select “Add to Panel”
Scroll down the list you see, and drag the app to your panel.

I can’t Google a Mate feature for dragging files to a panel, but if such a thing exists maybe it’s available as a plugin.
In any case, what purpose would there be to drag a file or folder to a panel?
As an alternative, the Mate application launcher menu supports “Places” where if you click on that defined folder, the File Manager will automatically open that folder location.


Thanks anyway
It is a basic feature, but I am only familiar with Debain and Arch based versions.