Opensuse leap 15. install black screen

Hi! My problem here is related to installing Opensuse leap 15.4. Install starts normally until
there is text “…starting udev” after that is only black screen.( I have try install opensuse to my asus laptop but there is error message: no room for graphical install.)
I have tested install opensuse 15.5 with same results.
So could this problem to be related Nvidia or Amd chipset driver???
Here is my hardware specs:
PSU corsair h1500i 1500w
Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus x670e xtreme BIOS F8b
ssd 3x kingston fury renegade pcie 4.0 nvme disks
RAM 128gb Gskill ddr5 6000mhz
GPU MSI Geforce 3090ti suprim
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 7950x3D
Souncard Sound blaster ae-9
cooler rog strix lc ii 360 aio

I have used opensuse my “work” OS with Blender, because Opensuse is solid as rock.

Did you try a text mode installation?

There will likely be some post install steps following this to get the graphics configuration completed. Hopefully those familiar with hybrid graphics can assist with further information.

Nope because install procedure with opensuse is always so reliable. This is first problem for many years

Your hardware specs are to new for Leap. Did you try a Tumbleweed installation?

Leap 15.5 is in RC stage, due for release in less than a month, with very minimal change expected before official release. If it doesn’t support your new hardware, the devs would likely like a detail of your experience here and/or in a bug report.

Well you are right about this. I try install Tumbleweed

Hi! i try solve problems here and problems seems to be related to USB connectors. Opensuse leap 15.5 RC install starts normally but stops this text …starting udev. But no more black screen. Motherboard BIOS (F8e) gives q-code 70. It means that problem is related to USB connector. I have installed Windows 11 Pro to my desktop and updated all drivers including USB. Windows side not show any problems. I have not tested opensuse Tumbleweed installation.