Opensuse leap 15.4 autoyast online update


I am trying to install the openSUSE Leap 15.4 OS unattended using Autoyast. The first stage does it correctly but, in the second stage, in the last part of the YaST2 installation, I get the error “Cannot access installation media (…)”. I’ve tried adding parameters to make it skip auto update with no success.

In the documentation, I can see this:

You can perform an online update at the end of the installation. Set the boolean do_online_update to true. Of course this only makes sense if you add an online update repository in the suse-register/customer-center section, for example, or in a post-script. If the online update repository was already available in stage one via the add-on section, then AutoYaST has already installed the latest packages available. If a kernel update is done via online-update, a reboot at the end of stage two is triggered.

<do_online_update config:type=“boolean”>true</do_online_update>

But after adding this option as “false” so that it doesn’t do any update in the Second Stage, it keeps downloading some package and I get this pop-up.

Yes, it is the case of not-well-thought-out workaround that stuck. Originally Leap 15.3 installer missed update repositories which were added later with package update. The package cannot be skipped, it is mandatory (it is openSUSE-release). So, your options are:

  • provide local repositories with http access and fake to point at this server
  • use autoyast scripts after initial package installation to disable or edit these repositories

First of all, thanks for your prompt response. The second option seems interesting to me. Could you give me some kind of documentation or extra information to be able to do it? Thank you very much again.

You probably need chroot-scripts to catch it as early as possible.

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Thanks for your response.

I will search information in the documentation to find a way to skip this update.