openSuse Leap 15.3 from Windows Store

I am a total noob from Linux and openSuse, sorry in advance.
I’m on Windows 10 and I just installed openSuse from Microsoft store and succeded to launch it, but the screen is a command line (terminal).
Is it possible to get a real user interface like Gnome with the windows Store version ?
It seemed easier from Windows Store as I didn’t need to install a Virtual Machine.

Thanks in advance, Lucas

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Your running WSL: openSUSE:WSL - openSUSE Wiki also make sure it’s WSL2.

You need an X server running on your system, eg VcXsrv Windows X Server - Browse /vcxsrv/ at

Then via YaST software you need to install a desktop pattern, eg xfce4 make sure the X server is running and then in the openSUSE shell you see, you need to export the display;

export DISPLAY=<>:0

Then can run for example;


Hi Lucas,

I hope you will enjoy Linux with openSUSE after following Malcolms advice. If you want to make it more permanent / more “real” you can install it parallel to windows as dual boot. You can either repartition your existing drive or add a second one for openSUSE. Today there’s quite some unexpensive options (if available, anyway). You can even put it on any external usb drive. Here is some helpful links:

Speaking of external drives, you may also try a life version:

There’s plenty of helpful users who can give advice in case you have any issue.
Have a lot of fun!

Hi Lucas,

I run openSUSE as both Virtual Machines (VirtualBox) and WSL versions (that’s the Windows store version that you talk about). Personally I find running virtual machines the easiest option, however I did some playing with the WSL version and here are a few tricks that you may find useful:

openSUSE uses YAsT for system works and it runs both in terminal graphics and X-Windows. To install and run:

zypper modifyrepo -r 1
zypper modifyrepo -r 2
zypper update -y

zypper install -y -t pattern yast2_basis
zypper install -y yast2-sudo
zypper install -y yast2-online-update-configuration
zypper install -y yast2-control-center-qt
zypper install -y yast2-qt-branding-openSUSE


The first three lines just get things set up and the final line actually kaunches the configuration utility.

I then install my window environment with

zypper install -y --recommends patterns-lxde-lxde

What I do now is a bit different than most people would do. I install the X-windows system with Xvnc as follows:

zypper install -y xorg-x11-Xvnc

By installing Xvnc you can access the X-Window using A standard VNC viewer. I start the session from WSL with:

Xvnc -ac -listen tcp -SecurityTypes None :0 &
DISPLAY=:0 startlxde &

I then simply run VNC Viewer (done by RealVNC and mine is version 6.1.1) on the windows system and connect to ‘localhost’. Remote connections should also work but may need a bit of firewall fiddling.

If you do this you must turn off Fast Startup as it will almost certainly corrupt your windows disk. Here’s a link about that: