opensuse LEAP 15.2 and php5

i’ve tried to use a VM on ProxMox with openSuse 15.2 and repositories to install PHP5.6 because we need an old web app that works only on this php version.

But I’ve found a lot of problems with this configuration, starting from the binary of php itself, that don’t start returning a core dump at start.

Any advice about this kind of installation?

Thanks in advance for your help

Is there any possibility that, you can migrate the application to PHP7?

You may install openSUSE OS with version that support PHP 5.6.
Not Leap 15.2, but older one.

Will that not lead further down the drain?

In the short term not – it’s possibly a faster / quicker solution to get the site back up and running than, migrating the application to a newer PHP version …

  • Time to install an openSUSE server and get it up and running on the net – about 1 hour – maybe 1 day …
  • Time to migrate an application to a newer PHP version – find a suitable programmer
    → 1 day / 1 week / 1 month / 1 year – plus, 1 day / 1 week / 1 month to perform the migration – plus, 1 day / 1 week to test and verify the changes … Total time needed – between 3 days and more than a year … >:)

It was just a warning to the OP. It is indeed a by-pass if, and only if, one starts a conversion path asap.