OpenSuSE Leap 15.1 Multi-monitor Setup

I have been running multi-monitors on OpenSuSE for quite awhile but have run
across a scenario that I am finding perplexing. I know this has to be simple
but it is thwarting my efforts.


OpenSuSE 15.1 Leap, all latest updates. nVidia proprietary driver, 390.132.
2xViewsonic TD2220’s running at 1920x1080 respectively.


I want to make these two monitors into 1 desktop at 3840x1080.

Presently it is seen as X Screen 0 as 3840x1080 but it is carved into two
separate desktops each with its own settings, wallpapers etc. No amount
of tweaking has produced the desired output.

Any ideas welcome.

Isn’t that desktop dependent?

Well, the crazy thing is it used to be a problem back in the day that you couldn’t get
independent desktops. Now apparently they’ve gone off the deep end and decided you
cannot make a single display out of two monitors, they must have individual settings…It never ends.
Even Windows has gone this route. Apparently it’s a way to sell high end video cards that come
with drivers that will support large panels such as digital signage. I have a workaround for my use case
which I am not divulging lest someone decide I cannot do that either.

Do a search for Linux Nvidia regarding:


This could be the one you are looking for

I have no problem getting a single desktop spread across multiple displays using pure FOSS, regardless whether AMD, Intel or NVidia GPU. This one is a 2560x1080 above a 2560x1440:

Could the NVidia setup utility for your GPU be broken?