openSUSE latest update - Cryptography issue


I updated yesterday my openSUSE TW to the latest snapshot 20211019. I have my disks encrypted, and today, when I tried to use my pc, I got the unfortunately message Failed to start Cryptography Setup for… and off course, I was unable to use my PC, moreover, when my PC enters in emergency mode, the root password isn’t working anymore. I can’t pass from this screen

When I type the correct password, this rejects the password.

Without to reinstall or get out the main disk, how can I to recover the OS?

I tried all the previous btrfs snapthots and the problem remains on each one.

The root password doesn’t work because the root file system is not accessible (it is encrypted).

To access anything or change anything, you will probably need a rescue boot (to the install media or a live CD or similar).

I use crypto, and I did not run into any issues.

Perhaps if you tell us how your crypto is setup, we might be able to guess where to look.

In particular: do you have a separate unencrypted “/boot”?

If not, are you giving the encryption key to “grub” during booting?


openSUSE TW to the latest snapshot 20211019. /QUOTE]

When you use Tumbleweed, then why did you choose OTHER VERSION for your title prefix?

I will change that.

I am not sure. If root is not accessible, it should be in initrd yet and I expect different text then. Booting with “plymouth.enable=0” and without “quiet” on kernel command line may show more.

Good, try to change it because only appears OTHER VERSION:

I don’t remember how is it configured, but, what I can remember, there is a separated /boot but I can’t remember if it is unencrypted or not.

Are you able to select booting from a different kernel? If so, does that work for crypto?