OpenSuSE / Kubuntu encrypted home partition sharing

I want to share home partitions between a couple of linux distros on my laptop - I was grubbing around with the partitioner trying to add mount points, but there is no apparent crypt file to mount under the kubuntu /home structure (there is no separate home partition). Maybe this is not something easy?

I’m not sure, but I think Ubuntu uses encrypted home directories that are mounted with a loopback mount. That’s different from an encrypted home partition. With an encrypted partition, there is no crypt file to mount.

There is opensuse support for encrypted home directories, but I have no experience with that. You can set it up when you create a new user account. Perhaps you can experiment with creating a user with encrypted home, and then maybe change the setup for that user so that it refers to the already existing crypt file. I suggest backing up everthing for the particular user before you experiment.

Thanks for the reply - I guess I will ask at the Kubuntu forum. I wasn’t sure if this was Distro specific or a more generic linux question. :slight_smile:

Ubuntu derivative by default do not have a separate home partition (IMHO a failing) but you can specify one if you want. This can be done at install or afterwords but it may be harder in Ubuntu then in OpenSUSE since there is no root account. Not it is good have separate user since you may be dealing with different versions of base libs and configs may not be exactly the same.