openSuse kernel patches

I’m trying to get through vanilla kernel compiling from I red many manuals about compiling kernel from source.

As I understood, if I’m compiling vanilla kernel, I must apply opensuse kernel patches.

There is descriptions how to apply patches, but I’m missing information - where can I get opensuse kernel patches? :\

To save a lot of work and possible misery: pick a Vanilla kernel from the repos: Kernel-repo-vanilla
I have to say that I feel sorry for the lots of people that go into things like compiling your own kernel. Looks like everybody is trying to move away from standards and from the distro installed.
Are you sure you need the vanilla kernel? And sure about compiling it yourself?

Thanks, for answer, but still… the answer is yes I’m sure about vanilla kernel and sure about compiling it my self :wink:

Cause the main reason why I want to do it myself is to learn how it’s done. I’m migrated from Slackware to openSuse and I’m still experimenting with it. So my goal is to learn how it’s build and works, but not to get stable version out of the box.

Makes sense. I cannot help you anymore than I tried to. Can just make one suggestion: in the mentioned repos all sources are available as well, so my guess is you might find the openSUSE patches in there as well.
I tried Slackware in the early days: download a CD, boot from it, create and format a partition, cp files to disk, compile a kernel, make disk bootable, the whole story. To end up with a console login prompt, done.

:slight_smile: Slack is grate distro. I really enjoyed working with it, just in everyday work it’s ask too much time.

Search for forums, the wiki, and google “(compile OR build) kernel opensuse way”. There are a number of howto’s. btw, the SuSE kernel config file is under /boot.