OpenSuse is total FREE?

Opesuse is un proyect throughout free or it has some type of licensing?

Like nearly all Linux distributions, openSUSE is free! :slight_smile:

Even for those which are not, my understanding is that they aren’t technically charging for the distribution, they are charging for proprietary software they’ve included with it or support. (One of you beards are free to correct me on this understanding if I’m wrong. :))

But yes, openSUSE is free as in beer and speech!

openSUSE is close to the Free Software Foundation definition of Free. You can read more about openSUSE free implementation here: Free Software Philosophy - openSUSE

openSUSE does have licensing. In particular, most of the software that comes with openSUSE is licenced under different versions of the GPL (General Purpose Licence).

You might also find the openSUSE concepts of use to read: Concepts - openSUSE

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GPL actually expands to General Public License.

There are two versions of the GPL, 2 and 3. But there are also other open source licenses which are used by some of the software, like the Apache license (guess which software uses it), the BSD license, Mozilla license and others. It would be more accurate to say that OpenSUSE is open source (except for the non-OSS packages, of course).

But yes, OP, if you mean you don’t have to pay anybody money to use it, it’s free. But it still does have licensing, which must be respected. But you would not violate the licenses by simply being a user. Only if you say for example incorporate GPL code into a product, and release the binaries without providing the source code, would you have a problem. (For example this happened to some router manufacturers who took Linux, embedded it into the router, and didn’t provide the source code, which is contrary to the GPL.)

dfiesco wrote:
> Opesuse is un proyect throughout free or it has some type of licensing?

Free… yes…

However, openSUSE, like MOST other distros include things like
Adobe Flash which often times includes a EULA that means you forfeit
your first child etc…


Or send some money to the Nigerians if a bug is found in Flash. :wink: