Opensuse installation (first time!)

Hi guys, would like to ask for your help for this one. I am a total noob when it comes to opensuse.:slight_smile: I just read the reviews and comments from forums taht’s why I wanna try this alternative.

I have 1 physical drive that has two partitions. 1 is dedicated for my windows OS (20 GB) and the other for my data (approx. 100GB).

How can I install opensuse 11.3 to just 1 partition (20GB) and leave my data partition (approx. 100GB) as it is?

Can I still view/access/read the files from my data partition after I have successfully install opensuse 11.3 to my Os partition?

I understand you want to install openSUSE on the 20GB partition now occupied by XP?!

No problem but 20GB is not that big. But here is my advice.
Use Parted Magic to delete the 20GB

Create 2 partitions in the 20GB space

  1. swap 1GB
  2. ext4 19GB which we will mount as / (root)

Make sure the boot flag is on the ext4 19GB

Part of this video shows a boot flag being applied:

During the installation you will need to use the Custom Partitioning option to point the installer to the 2 new partitions, we actually it will do everything with ‘swap’ automatically. Also - take note that openSUSE normally installs with an extra partition called /home. But due to the small size of your install, it’s better without.

Look at the slideshow (it’s 11.2) but that doesn’t matter, but it show the custom partitioner route.
Picasa Web Albums - carl fletcher - openSUSE 11.2…

  • It might be worth you trying the openSUSE live CD if you haven’t already. Just to see how you machine performs

wow that was quick!! wheew. i’ll just delete the partitions and have just one to simplify things:) thanks for your advice. I’ll experiment on those after i have my first hands on with opensuse. just visited your “my guides” link and i can see there are a lot of awesome tutorials! i’m sure those will be a lot of help for noobs like me. thanks a lot dude!

Just to clarify.
I understand you have 2 partitions. You want to keep one. So you will only be deleting ONE partition, which will give you 20GB free space to create the 2 partitions you need for openSUSE.

It’s just confusing now you just said this:

i’ll just delete the partitions and have just one to simplify things

ooppps. i’m sorry to confuse you. what i mean is that i’ll just reformat my netbook and make it just 1 partition to simplify the installation of opensuse.:slight_smile:

In that case
You want to do this:
From here:
But don’t choose Custom, select the first option in that picture and it will use the entire HD and do everything for you