OpenSuse Installation/DVD burn issues

I am a complete Linux noob, besides a few liveCDs (**** Small, Slitaz, Puppy just to experiment with small downloads) but I have never hard drive installed. When I tried OpenSuse, I could not get the ISO to burn correctly. It always fails the mediacheck, even though the ISO passes the Md5 check in Windows. I have used both CDBurnerXP and ISO Recorder, everything fails. I have downloaded the ISO several times, just in case, with both torrent and HTTP. I have literally burned 4 separate DVDs, and I am really frustrated. Any suggestions?

After this, I borrowed my friend’s 10.3 install cd to try that. It has been used before, so I know it works. It also passed the media check option in the boot menu. Whenever I try it, it always fails at the same place: at the end of formatting the drive. The error message is:

Failure occured during the following action:
formatting partition /dev/sdb1 (37.2 GB) with ext3

system error code was: -3008
/sbin/mke2fs -o dir_index -j -v /dev/sdb1:
/bin/sh: /sbin/mke2fs: cannot execute binary file

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds like a bad DVD-ROM drive. These things happen. Can you substitute another unit to test?

Unfortunately, I am away for the weekend, but I will try the Check Media utility on my windows (grr) box when I get home.

Thanks for the help.

Yes check the media also. I suspect your 4 DVDs are fine, but your drive might be dodgy. That’s why having another unit around (yours or borrowed) is handy.

Will do. I need to check if the DVD drive on my Windows box is IDE or SATA. If it is IDE, I will shamelessly “borrow” it to use with my Linux box. Here’s hoping it works.:expressionless:

It may also help you to try a program such as infra recorder or another free burning software.

Alright, the problem was my DVD drive. The DVD passed the media check when booting from my Windows machine. Now I just need to get a new DVD drive.

Well, look on the bright side, you now have 3 extra OpenSUSE DVDs to give to some lucky people that you know. :slight_smile:

Either that or nice, shiny coasters. :slight_smile:

Okay, I got a new dvd drive and tried installing 11. I got the same error message with slightly different wording.

Failure occured during the following action:
Formatting partition /dev/sdb1 (37.2 GB) with ext3

System error code was: -3008

/sbin/mke2fs -o dir_index -j -v /dev/sdb1:
mke2fs 1.40.8(13-Mar-2008)
Warning: 256-byte inodes not usable on older systems
/sbin/mke2fs: symbol lookup error: /sbin/mke2fs: undefined symbol

Any ideas on how to solve this?

I am currently trying BIOS settings, nothing has worked so far.

Sorry for the triple post, but I tried ide=nodma and the installer got past this part! We’ll see how it goes…

I got a new DVD drive, and the disk still fails the check. Using the 10.3 cd, I can get to about 2% through the installation, then the machine either freezes (lights on keyboard turn off, PS2 devices stop working, cursor stops spinning) or it quits to the terminal and gives a segmentation fault error.
I have read in every linux guide that the 15-16M memory hole should be disabled, but the Hardware Checker reveals that it is enabled on my machine. “Segmentation Faults” have to do with RAM, correct? Unfortunately, my BIOS (PhoenixBIOS 4 v6.0.9) seems to be very limited because it has no memory hole option or many other options that seem to be very normal for BIOSes to have… Does anyone have any suggestions?