Opensuse install on a netbook question

I was asked by my sister if she could put opensuse on her netbook (as it’s basically crawling and she knows I’m using it and I have installed it on my mother notebook and got new life thx to that). I have searched the forums to see if there was a specific thread about it but didn’t find anything (aside from generic threads that didn’t really match what I needed).
Has windows 32 bit preinstalled and all I know for now is that it has 512mb of ram (she lives very far from me so I’ll have to go there so I can’t really check now).
I’ve checked this article SDB:Installation on netbooks - openSUSE Wiki but there is one thing i don’t really understand:

  • to avoid performance issues use the kernel-default (i586, compiled for pentium classic) and choose the glibc for i586

Where and how do I select that ? During install in the “Programs” section ?
Anything I should know before trying to install ? Is it any different from installing it on a notebook ?

512 meg is a bit slim for a modern Desktop but should install. Maybe use one of the light weight desktops rather then Gnome or KDE. Any way what you want is to down load the 32 bit version not the 64 bit version. Without knowing more about the Netbook that is the best I can do. It is probably a 32 bit processor so you need a 32 bit OS.

I have found this …but i don’t understand what actually is and where to get it or how to install it. (meaning …is that a showcase ? an old project no more available ? a future project ?)

If you can get the make and model number of the netbook, post the info here, it would help.

If she only has 512mb of RAM, I suggest you should check the maximum amount of RAM it can take, and the type (The make & model number will probably give us access to specs online.). If it can go to at least 2-Gb, it would make a huge difference if you or her could spring for the modules to take it to at least 2-Gb, will make a major difference.

If the netbook has a DVD reader, the install should be about the same as installing on a laptop.

Plenty of help here, though, if you run into problems. Good luck.

… otherwise, if stuck with only 512mb, I would suggest to you that you should install Puppy Linux (or another lightweight Linux for older machines): The system will fairly scream, lightning-fast with Puppy (I prefer Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 for such installations). I could even give you some pointers about improving Puppy Linux when installed to the HD.