OPenSuse install fails on NW8440

Have tried installing 10.3 and 11.1 on Compaq NW8440. Install runs, on reboot it hangs–usually when HAL starts. Have tried install with SATA native mode ON and OFF with no difference. Cleared all partitions from drive and installed XP Pro with no issues, so hardware appears to be fine. If I reboot the machine from the hung state and restart the installation I see that the partitions are not set up as I indicated in setup. I’m sure I’m missing something, but don’t know what it is. Oddly, this machine ran fine with a XP-Pro/SLED9 dual-boot load on it previously.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


try with acpi=off and edd=off seperately.
so if your try to install linux, the partition table is not what you expect.suse resizes partitions to setup only creates and resizes partitions only if u accept the default can also select custom partiton setup and define you own partitions.