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basiclly i decided to go back to opensuse from arch just so i did not have to confiure as much of the software but this has now turned into a nightmare.

now i was using GPT rather than MBR just for its speed advatage, however when i was installing opensuse (after it spent 15 mins installing packages) it decided to twist about grub… yes after it installed the packages it gives me a clue that GPT is not supported by the yast installer… yay!

right so, i reboot into resuce, delete GPT and remake the MBR table with parted and reboot back into the installer, so i make my partition layout again, go threw the install again and… aww another grub error… yet again after installing everything… why this time?

well it would seem that yasts version of cfdisk dosnt like creating partitions correct, insted it makes unusable sectors at the start of the disk, then the partitions, then more unusable sectors and to finish it off it never set my /boot partition to bootable… thanks yast!

so what now? i created my partition layout in cfdisk while in resuce, set my boot partition as bootable, rebooted into yast, checked and double checked that there is no options in yasts pretty but not very good version of cfdisk to set the partition as bootable (I couldnt see it for the life of me) and then installed, finally after 3 installs it worked…

ok spoke to soon, after the reboot from the installer it booted with corrupt graphics using nvidia gt 440 on hdmi output… so i tryed the usual reboot keyboard commands, got a beep and screen flash black when i tryed to kill X and nothing for 3 strike reboot… perfect hard reboot time, so it boots in… skips all system configurations, yay might as well of installed arch with gnome (that would of taking me 20 mins insted of wasting a hour on opensuse).

now im giving up all hope with opensuse, for some reason i try and install one more time… and ill edit this once i know how it gos! its still installig the packages…

so notes for opensuse installation:
do not use GPT
boot into resuce and use cfdisk to create partition layout if not already done.

anyway thats my story of opensuse installation, not very good… but hey at least anyone needing help with the same problems can see what i done to get it working.


Remove GPT and remake MBR (deletes all partition infomation)

parted /dev/sdX
type: msdos

Create partition layout

cfdisk /dev/sdX

ok i cant edit posts,

so what happened?
well the graphics went to poop again, but, managed to kill X as soon as it happened and hard rebooted. this time it loaded it without problems and let me finish the install.

now i have a working opensuse installation, but, after all these problems will i be keeping it? no.
im going to go with another distro that is on the same level as opensuse (just not starting a distro flame)

my opinion is that if opensuse cant even install without issue then how can it manage packages in working order, sorry but dosnt seem right to me.

hopfully anyone else having any of these problems can see how i got round them if they wish to do so.


On 2012-01-22 01:56, CopyrightPhilly wrote:
> do not use GPT

Yes, this is known. Are you sure YaST didn’t tell you that at the start?

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)

100% sure, i did set the partitions using expert mode (cant risk two storage drives being wiped)

on another note, there is 3 harddrives in this machine, the two storage drives will have a blank MBR as they have never been used for an os, just storage, maybe it dosnt warn if at least one harddrive has mbr? no idea just a thought

How were you doing your installation ? Admit self did learn hard way why distribution upgrade was not recommended using YaST.

Do look at documents for installing 11.4 version (did not see docs for 12.4) for: Step 3: Setting up your disk

    [SDB:DVD installation for 11.4 - openSUSE](

Three hard drives may appear as sda, sdb and sdc.

Partitions on first [sda] hard drive has each partition numbered: sda1,sda2,sda3, etc

Partitions on second [sdb] hard drive has each partition numbered: sdb1,sdb2,sdb3, etc

Partitions on third [sdc] hard drive has each partition numbered: sdc1,sdc2,sdc3, etc

Further information : SDB:Partitioning - openSUSE

Am NON-Technical, just follow instructions.

On 2012-01-22 02:16, CopyrightPhilly wrote:
> ok i cant edit posts,

No, you can not. It is a feature.

> now i have a working opensuse installation, but, after all these
> problems will i be keeping it? no.

Why not? Do you still have problems? Notice that this forum is for asking
for help from other fellow users, not a place to rant about this or that.
And I don’t see your question.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)

On 01/22/2012 02:16 AM, CopyrightPhilly wrote:
> will i be keeping it? no.
> im going to go with another distro

always use what works for you! bye.

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