OpenSUSE in Small business

I would like to use OpenSUSE for a small community program. The issue I’m having is that I don’t know how or what to use to manage 4 desktops. MS has group policy and active directory, but in Linux what do I use? I need to manage the systems from on of the 4 Linux boxes.
All I could tell the client is that I’d get back with them. :shame:
I don’t want to use MS for them because it’s a non-profit and they really will be providing a service to the community.

Before anything, you should outline the project goals; what do you want the devices to do, what software do you wish them to have available and how much ‘freedom’ do you wish to give to the users?

Once setup, you really don’t have to touch any settings much - you can clone the settings between the 4 machines pretty easily and sync the packages as well - either with autoyast or just generating a list of packages from one machine and feeding that to zypper.

Automatic updates would take care of the updating and you can have it mail to you in case something goes bananas (same for other things in the computer, you could have them send you mail in case there’s a critical hardware failure from SMART, for example).

I need to manage the systems from one of the 4 Linux boxes.

Assuming that all 4 boxes are within a common LAN you can log into each of them and do administrative tasks. You would use ssh to do this. Depending on how the firewall is set up you could even do this from anywhere in the world.

I have to learn about autoyast and zypper.
Looking into ssh and their firewall today.

Their isn’t anything like group policy?

You might find LTSP worth looking at LTSP - openSUSE.

A lot will depend on the intensity with which each terminal is used; currently LTSP tends to be installed in education settings but I have been in a lot of small businesses where the intensity of use is low enough to make LTSP an attractive proposition.