openSUSE in Active Directory. cannot see suse in network

Hello all. I am attempting to setup a linux file server in active directory. It has been kind of an ongoing project(nightmare) for me… I have tried a few distributions of linux and I have to say I really enjoy openSUSE. YaST is my best friend. Now to the problem at hand.

I have samba installed and configured for the domain. I was able to successfully join the machine to the domain. I can even log on using domain user names and passwords (more than I was able to accomplish with other distros…). Where I am having a problem currently is I cannot see the suse machine from a windows machine. I can access shares from suse to windows though. Any ideas on what needs to be configured?

Okay… Sorry about double post but I don’t see an edit button anywhere. So I figured out why the pc wasn’t visible on the network. I had not added the netbios name under the samba server page.

If anyone has some samba experience I could use help on another thing. I had used a script in my ubuntu server to join ad. somehow this script allowed me to select domain users when setting permissions(with chmod or the gui permissions tab). If anyone knows how to configure this it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to the ubuntu forums so you can see what I am talking about.
HowTo : Samba Active Directory Integration: Script tested on win 2003r2 and 2008r2 - Ubuntu Forums