Opensuse harmful accoring to google !!!

Today I googled something starting with opensuse, and google warn me “This site may harm your computer”:idea:

Then I tried to search “opensuse” only and google warned me again, this warning for official site “

Have a look the screencap is attached herewith.

It’s a glitch with Google. All kinds of searches are returning this. Try googling “java”. Same result.

Just a bug. I’m sure they’ll take care of it soon enough.

I saw the same thing, so I googled Microsoft; same error “This site may be harmful to your computer”. Now THAT I would agree with! lol! BTW, Google is fixed now.

I was running across that earlier today… omg it was driving me nuts. I thought it was a glitch with firefox. But yeah, that might be true for M$ though.

Yes, I can testify that OpenSUSE is harmful. I had so much fun with OpenSUSE once that I didn’t get enough sleep and I tried to take a shortcut by reconnecting a disk while the power supply was on and ended shorting the power supply.

Just kidding. lol!

I once did actually short out a power supply that way, when the 4 pin power plug touched protruding metal on the chassis. I thought dang, there goes one power supply. Fortunately it was a good quality unit and had short circuit protection and came back on after powering it off. I was relieved. That taught me a lesson not to take a shortcut of not powering the system down first before reconnecting power plugs.

BBC NEWS | Technology | ‘Human error’ hits Google search

As yet! Has not happened here! As for Linux! Highly addictive!But when has an understanding Wife. Nicotine Gum! Coffee,that all important Computer, age and time in which to dig. Life becomes good!So.Hi all! From