OpenSuse hanging

I am running KDE 4, and I cannot select and open any of the icons on the desktop. And I can only shut down with the reset button on computer:confused:

KDE 4.0.4 is pretty unstable.

Install the following repo and then upgrade.

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.0

Iā€™ve decided not to use openSuse after all. The program is too unstable, and takes too long to set up, compared to Ubuntu, xubuntu and Mint. Good luck with this program, and thank you all.:slight_smile:

Apparently you havenā€™t heard about a variety of the Ubuntu fiascos, like no sound for many users with their ā€œLong Term Supportā€ release, and X11 being borked.

KDE 4.0.4 is unstable, but you had the choice of KDE 3, Gnome and KDE 4. I also provided you a link that would have fixed your problems with the click of a mouse.

If that is hard, you should see the mess with Kubuntuā€™s packaging of KDE 4, which is decidedly worse.

It is my opinion that Ubuntu takes far more time to set up. openSUSE has the best setup tool on the market with YaST.