OpenSuse ground rules?

Is OpenSuse all free software? Or does it contain proprietary drivers?

I expected to find this information prominently on the home page, but if it’s there at all, I couldn’t find it.

"All the software on the LiveCD and the DVD are Free and Open Source software, with a few notable exceptions (Flash, Opera, Acrobat Reader and more) in the non-oss repositories. When we talk about free software we refer to freedom not a price."

Only the non-oss repo, which is optional contains any non-free software. There are no proprietary drivers bundled, but you can add those yourself (nVidia repo, AMD repo etc).

As you can see on the home page, the name is spelled openSUSE (not what you made out of it). And the first part of it says it all.

There is however a standard repository that is used by the standard installation with the name having the expression “non-OSS”. That has some non OSS products.

Then there is the Packman repository, which has packages that are restricted depending on your juridic area. Most of it is multi-media codecs. You can use that when you think you may do so. Without it not all multi-media movies, etc. will function.

I have no doubt others here will be able to give you a more detailed and juridic correct explanation then I can :slight_smile:

And don’t forget Packman as a necessary repo for installing proprietary software.


That would be patent encumbered software (in a lot of cases it’s available in the oss repository with features disabled)… proprietary software can be included in the non-oss repository if submitted and accepted, eg steam…