openSuSE, FTP, user access


I have openSuSE and VSFTPD installed (up and running). I have 6 users that need access to FTP server. Only authenticated access is allowed.

Question is: Is there a way to make that this 6 users have their own home folder after loggin?

Their docs needs to be separated.

This means that when user 1, after logging, goes to folder 1, user 2 goes to folder 2, etc,…

I have FilleZilla FTP SERVER on Windows that is perfect, but there is no FileZilla FTP SERVER for Linux and I need to make solution on Linux ;).

Yes you can. There are several howtos on the net. The key is the configuration line:


The $USER substitution is the important bit.

Here’s a WIki with some useful docs:

viki - vsftpd Wiki - Virtual Users: Simple[en]

You will also find info there on how to set up a different authentication source than /etc/passwd. Unfortunately you will have to learn to configure vsftpd by editing the config files and running commands on the command line, AFAIK there are no YaST helpers for this.

Using webmin ( may be an option.

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You were all very helpfull… Installed WEBMIN (what a great tool lol!) and VSFTPD module and made some manual entries through WEBMIN.

Everything up and running, just like I wanted…

Thank you all!!!

which file has the line:

/etc/vsftpd.conf is where any config variables are set.