openSUSE freezing & crashing


It has been about a month since I installed openSUSE 11.3 (64bit, Gnome), and overall it is better than 11.2, but I have had some stability issues that I did not have with 11.2.

  1. openSUSE 11.3 crashes very often when I change desktop background. I haven’t experiment with it but it happens with downloaded images.

  2. Changing monitor environment makes openSUSE to freeze. Fresh boot with external monitors connected usually works, but plugging & unplugging monitors usually makes openSUSE freezing. (I have to force power down)

  3. Suspend makes openSUSE freeze a lot. Usually one suspension works, if I re-suspend it, it usually freezes.

I was wondering if these are common with 11.3 or I’m the only one who is having this.


Hi joonR,

have a look in following thread: Continuous short term hanging w/ multicore + KDE
In my case the combination of two nvidia drivers made problems.

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Can you provide some details about your hardware in use? Amount of RAM, video card, driver?

And what means “crash” and “freeze” in your case? Anything to be seen in the log files?

Hello Vodoo,

I had some freezes (2-5s) - but no crashes - when the nvidia driver (256.35) and the nouveau driver were installed in parallel. My graphic card is a Nvidia quadro NVS310M (512 MB RAM).

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Sorry. I should have been more specific. When it crashes the gui crashes and I see a screen full of command line messages and no response.

When it freezes, actually, I guess I should have said “it hangs”. I can move my mouse cursor (so it is not really freezing), but that’s about it. Nothing happens, no response and anything.

Hardware: Dell E6400 with Core2 duo P8400 2.26GHz,
Interl integrated graphics,
8GB ram.

openSUSE 11.3 Kernel 2.6.34-12-desktop.

Thank you,

I have the same problem, with the new kernel.Linux x86_64 (Dell E6400)
This issue has been adressed in
and is now considered as solved. I installed the last version of the kernel, and did not notice any improvement, as I had two freezes this afternoon.
May be this case must be reopened ?

Oh, thank you very much for the link. I followed your link, and saw Comment 40. I did not do the exactly same thing, but I added the X11 repo, and updated Mesa, libdrm (and 32bit stuff), xorg-x11-driver-video, and xorg-x11-driver-video-intel-legacy.

I did not change my setting to use the legacy so maybe updating the last one did not matter. Anyway, I rebooted my machine and tried changing the background many times, and it did not crash. The previous system would have crashed. I have to try other stuff in order to be sure, but I think it might have solved my problem.


In fact, implementing #40 allows to reduce the number of freezes, but did not eliminate them. Wait some more time to be sure about the effects, as these freezes are random.

Will do. Thank you. I’m happy at the moment because at least I can change the background without worrying about crash.

It’s probably your Intel graphic card. Which model is it?

There is already a bug report:

and some threads in the forum.

Indeed, this case has been reopened.
I wonder how could we help, besides spotting the bugs ?