openSUSE freezes during install

I am new to Linux and do not fully understand everything about it yet. I am trying to install ver. 11.1 from live CD and it keeps freezing while copying root system files, freezes at 13%. I had the same problem installing ubuntu 9.04. PCLInuxos will install fine with no problems on the same machine. I finally got Ubuntu to install after getting the text version of the install software and with some help from canonical support. Can anyone help me?


how much ram do you have (i remember those with less than [mumble] MB
have trouble running out of RAM during the CD install–there is a work
around, but i don’t remember…use the forum’s advanced search to dig
it out…or wait for some youngster with a memory…)

how do you know it is copying root system files?
how large is the partition for the root file system? (i think PCLinux
has a smaller /root image, as well as less overall system resource
needs…see openSUSE needs at:

you do know, don’t you, that 11.2 is due out in a couple of weeks and
release candidate 1 is at:


If you have got to the root files copying stage, I don’t think it is a memory problem. You would have hit that long before you got to that stage.

Did you check the md5 when you downloaded the iso? It is possible there is some corruption that is stopping things.

Another possibility is that you have a hard-disk fault which has not been detected.