OpenSUSE Freezes Between Runlevels

I got a new laptop an HP Pavilion tx 2000. It is the one with the touch screen. Anyway I got all of it to work, sound, video, stylus and the works. The only problem is when I go to logoff, restart, shutdown, anything that causes it to change run levels or restart X it freezes and nothing happens.

I am confused about where to even begin looking for problems. As I find no error in the system logs nor in the Xorg logs. I am not sure if it a run level problem or a video card problem.

Some more pieces of troubleshooting info. The laptop has the and ATI 3200 HD card. However, it does not matter if using the radeonhd or the proprietary ATI drivers, behavior is the same. It also freezes using KDE or XFCE.

Other than that don’t know what else it could be or even where to look to find out what it could be. Any direction and help is greatly appreciated.


I would try adding noapic nolapic to your boot options… It might help, but it might not. Its got something to do with interrupt controls, and it’s helped me in the past when I couldn’t see anything wrong. You might also try irqpoll and acpi=off. Those might also help, and they are all quick and easy to try. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck with your new smokin’ hot laptop.

Thank you for your suggestions. I tried them but most of them make the computer unusable or disable things like the stylus.

I have done some more digging and now can log in and out without a freezing but changing run-levels corrupts the display. For example when shutting down, I do not get the nice SUSE splash screen but 3 small purple boxes on the top of the screen. To fix the log in and log out issue I stopped using the ati driver and am using the radeonhd.

To me that is not much of a problem, but it is not as eye catching. As it is more stable, however, I like it to be some what eye catching. It helps me spread the word when somebody asks, “what version of Windows is that?”

I think I may have found the answer to most of my problems. I had installed the 64 bit version because it is what I had on hand and the computer could handle it. I got my hands on a 32 bit version and installed it and then the proprietary ATI driver and it appears to be functioning fine now. I really don’t think I will even notice the difference between 64 and 32. I don’t have 4 gigs of ram and will mainly be using it for work, so I am ok with that.