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So, I’ve been thinking about starting a thread where we would post something we stumbled upon and we think could interest someone else. Be it tech, culture etc.

Here’s my first post:

Warren Buffet’s Billion Dollar Lottery…

Basically, if you guess every bracket correctly, he gives you a billion. But, there’s a catch. Do read :slight_smile:

Soviet era Hobbit illustrations:


Victorian Postmortem Photography

Painting the dead was a common occurrence for centuries, so it’s no surprise that in the Victorian era, postmortem photography became standard practice.
The beginnings of memento mori photography can be traced back to the invention of photography. During the 19th century, postmortem portraits were used to announce and mourn the death of a loved one, especially a baby or child. All social classes engaged in the practice, which became more widespread after the introduction of the daguerreotype photo in 1839. The subjects of the photos were generally arranged to appear as if asleep or even in standing positions.
For the poor during this era, many peoples only photograph was taken after they died. Families would scrape together enough money to have a memorial photo of the deceased family member with surviving members. For many, these staged photos were the only family portraits ever taken. These photos were kept in the family’s memorial album.


19 vintage easter bunny photos that will make your skin crawl:

Afghanistan in the 60’s and 70’s. + Part two