Opensuse forum Xmas banner

The banner on this site for Happy Holidays is IMO freaky good. I really like the father xmas lizard on the surf board.
Could we have this banner with “Happy Xmas with Opensuse”? In this case I would like to send it instead of a signature in the lower part of my xmas emails (however if this is possible, no clue if/how you can do it - using Kmail 1.9)
:slight_smile: Anyway congrats. This banner is a total eye candy!

Glad you like it.
Kudos to @swerdna for getting that together. @GONZO had a hand in too.

You should be able to open and save the Image for your own use, edit as required. Upload to a hosting service and write a sig.

Yeah, I like it too. To the admins, thanks for taking the time greeting the community. Happy holidays too.

To stakanov, I think the message is universal. I do celebrate Christmas but not everyone in the community do.

O’ Wise One!:wink:

I hope I do not get into polemic but since I worked at an I.O. before: I did not claim to change into “Merry Xmas with openSuse” but to use the banner as is (to promote the distri).
I am perfectly aware about the "political correctness problem…and think it is IMHO totally useless. To be clear: it is a nice message. But the lizard is not naked but dressed as father Xmas. And that is a fact. If you think in a “universal” message way you will have to get rid of the lizard…because the way of dressing is perfectly not universal and the meaning behind is obvious.
But this way of restrictive thinking makes any sense and I is in my opinion not politically correct but the exact contrary.

So if one really would have a problem with me greeting for Xmas than this would mean she/he/it thinks it is done in a “proselyte” way.
So proselytism is best when it is subtle, didn’t you know?
And what is more subtle than symbolism…

I am agnostic by they way. So Merry Xmas (intended as holiday season) to everyone (or did you think I am doing my “Xmas Greetings” only to the “Christian” part of my friends?) :open_mouth:

This thread was about banner and to join it to the seasonal greetings mails in order to **promote the use of free software and openSUSE.
I needed to clear this point as, for reasons of coherence, but I do not want this kind of discussion go on in this thread.

So dear moderator: if you should see that this is going on to attract this kind of statements, I would be utmost sorry, please feel obliged to take this part of the thread and all the referring articles to soapbox or…to simply delete it.

The banner is good i like it too…

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