openSUSE Forum Skin a bit broken?

Looks like the openSUSE (not the -Forums one) skin is a bit broken, the front page renders so that tables only use a portion of the overall width.

Occurs on Konq, FF3, Safari etc.

I hope I’m not the only one getting it :slight_smile:

You are not alone… Opera likewise.

earlier it was broken for me too, now it works

broken in Opera 9.5 build 2034

But, I love all the hard work being put into the forums. Thank you.


Same in firefox, but it seems just like a simple CSS problem.

That skin was a development skin that hasn’t been fully tested with our current version of vB. All the focus was on the official skin that mirrors the visual style of our sister sites. Since a lot of folks like it, I’m hoping we can get it fixed so it’s a “real” option, but we don’t have any information on when that might be, or if indeed it will get done. Please keep reporting any glitches you all find, however, as it will really help.

Cheers Kas, looks like it’s a little CSS issue as stated by Unseen - worked yesterday tho’! :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve now moved over fully to the “openSUSE” skin camp (from being 50-50 with the “openSUSE-forums” skin camp).

Too many of the small editorial icons, in the top box of the “openSUSE-forums” skin, simply do not display well with firefox. I’ve now located all the “features” on the “openSUSE” skin that I need, I changed my default setting to the “openSUSE” skin, and at present time, I don’t plan to change back to “openSUSE-forums” ever.

Incidentally the issue with the skin looks like this if anyone is wondering:](

I believe this skin is being worked on today.

It is. Dang I hate it when things like this happen!

Skin looking good again - cheers guys. ( need heart smiley :o )

Skin looking good again - cheers guys.

[whew!] Next…

I was promised a nuke all post button…whens that feature coming? :slight_smile:

( /me chuckles ) sorry, that’s an admin only function, akin to my fave, the big red button


We of the openSUSE skin are happy little Vegemites now. Thank you!

Now how about that pixelated Geeko this theme has. :cool: