OpenSuSE Forum Servers Congestion

Hi, is there a server capacity problem or are there regular service periods. Am having very slow responses today 8/2/09 at around and about 17:00 GMT with server refused access notices and such. Could be at my end or ISP so please advise. Of course it could be you are just too popular!!!

Similar problem with software download servers. I am getting download rates of 14 Bytes/sec. Usual download speeds average 300Kb/s. Any idea why?


No problems here, my response is nice and fast. It may be your ISP.

The forums aren’t hosted on the same servers as the openSUSE site,
though they are in the same data center. I haven’t seen any other
reports of this problem. You should probably ask the webmaster here:

Kim (2/9/2009 9:18:44 AM Mountain)