OpenSuse for designers

Maybe you can give me some tips and tricks for making art in OpenSUSE. I use GIMP, Krita, MyPaint, Blender, Kdenlive, Audacity, Synfig and Scribus. I also use a Wacom Intuos tablet.
I don’t want to buy new hardware, just to make the most of it from what I have. The specifications are:

Operating System: openSUSE Tumbleweed 20240321
KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.2
KDE Frameworks Version: 6.0.0
Qt Version: 6.6.2
Kernel Version: 6.8.1-1-default (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: X11
Processors: 8 × AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics
Memory: 13.6 GiO of RAM
Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon Vega 11 Graphics

By now looks ok and my clients are happy. But:

  1. Choosing Plasma is ok? Is not an light interface. OpenSUSE ofers GNOME, KDE and XFCE. From what I know, XFCE is the most lightest. I don’t want to experiment with other inferfaces due to lack of time, so I prefer to choose from an automated solution.
  2. Bigger SWAP? My biggest enemy is a slow system. A drawing tablet can’t perform on a slow system.
  3. Some tips and tricks to have a light interface and a more rapid system?

@valc_2024 Hi, if you need swap, then consider increasing the system RAM…

Are you on rotating rust or a SSD/NVMe?

I play with the tools you mentioned on a daily basis but for erasing boredom for old retired dude. Just add xfce to your DE it is lighter, when all is really heavy stuff on your project just save it and login to icewm and you will be good. With blender I have nvidia and use optix for render and makes heavy stuffs a bit lighter and render faster. I use 32 GB for swap and just 16 GB RAM. If I have extra allowance I plan to add another 16 GB RAM . Oh I use xfce on a daily basis it is also nice and pretty and can use kwin_x11 for some cool plasma desktop effects .

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IceWM its something like Fluxbox? It was my second option in Ubuntu, long time ago…

When you install tumbleweed for sure it is already included in your system. If you are not logging in automatically it will be there as an option in the login screen at the bottom of the screen.

I recently installed TW with the IceWM option to a VBox VM (the Host is TW Plasma) to decide if it’s sufficient for my needs.

IceWM pretty much offers most of what Plasma does, without a bunch of extra fluff. I’ve yet to make a final decision…

Maybe you should install TW with the IceWM option in a VM and check it out :+1:

It is always included as far as I know , many years back as a fall back when things aren’t working well with your main DE.

Yea, I understand… if you install TW Plasma, yes, IceWM is an option at the Login screen.

However, it is convoluted with Plasma stuff too, in the Menu system.

I’m testing a “pure” TW IceWM install, without any Plasma influence / options.

The interface experience is MUCH different than the optional IceWM login option on a dedicated Plasma install. :+1:

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@aggie if you want to move forward with the likes of wayland, then look at hyprland?

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