openSUSE for Audio Production

I’m looking at the possibility of setting up Leap 42.2 for a computer driving a professional audio facility… The necessary software is available through a number of repos including pacman. However some applications, if used intensively demand a real time or a low-latency kernel. This might be a problem as I have not seen that kernel patches or RT versions of kernels are available. Tumbleweed would definitely be a no-goer, as the kernel gets updated too often.

Hi, unfortunately openSUSE does not officially offer any low latency or real time kernels, so either you’d have to compile a kernel from source with appropriate patches or use another distro.

Thanks for your answer… I might work on this myself. Í like the openSUSE distribution and would rather achieve here than have to move to Debian…

thank you, this may prove very useful

For professional audio production, I recommend using the dedicated distros designed for just such a purpose. The two that I use for professional work are:

AV Linux:

and KXStudio:

Check them out.

I use openSUSE for all things not pro-audio.:wink:

BTW: At this time, my preference is KXStudio.

I dual boot with Ubuntu Studio, both distros sharing data by symlinking their /home directories with a separate /data partition. Works fine, though I prefer KDE over XFCE so much that Ubuntu Studio is only booted into when the low-latency kernel is absolutely necessary which isn’t all that often.

I also find that the low-latency kernel is not needed that often. I found the following repos from an Italian studio engineer useful
KXstudio apps are available there too, packed for Leap and Tumbleweed (choose the appropriate repos)

Interesting … I may check that out sometime. Thanks.