[opensuse-factory] The Future of Factory

[opensuse-factory] The Future of Factory @
[opensuse-factory] The Future of Factory](http://lists.opensuse.org/archive/opensuse-factory/2009-06/msg00036.html)

We want to split up Factory into smaller parts and join together devel
projects of packages into topic projects in the Build Service. So for
instance we want to have a GNOME:Factory project with all GNOME and
related packages and Kernel:Head project with all the packages that
belong to the kernel. To no one’s surprise there are already a lot of
teams that handle their packages in this way. For instance the GNOME and
the Kernel Teams :wink: What we want now is to use this model for every
aspect of the distribution, not only the big parts where this comes
naturally. All current maintainers are working at the moment on an
initial setup for these groups.

See the link for details & schedule.

Things, they are a changing;)

Nothing ever stays the same, nowhere and never, and that’s good. Hope all info will be clear about if and when the repos change.
Personally I think it’s a good step.