openSUSE Elections: Deadlines on Monday, November 23rd!

The time has come for all good openSUSE contributors to step up! The openSUSE Board elections are rapidly approaching and we could use more members and more voters.

The openSUSE Board is elected by members of the openSUSE Project. Wondering about becoming a member? Membership is open to folks who’ve made “continued and substantial contributions” to the openSUSE project. See the openSUSE wiki description and process. If you’d like to vote in the election, you must apply by November 23rd.

If you’d like to run for a board seat, you must be a member and declare your candidacy by November 23rd.

This year the board has an additional “community” seat, which means that the number of Novell-employed board seats are equal to the community seats. This also means an additional seat to fill in the election. So far we have a couple of great candidates, but we could always use more.

If you’re interested in helping with openSUSE governance in 2010, it’s time to step up.

Why isn’t oldcpu applying, I wonder! :wink:

I’ve considered it too Heidi but the whole process is so long winded (not a criticism - just an observation), and I suspect, like me @oldcpu has more than enough on his plate. I can’t speak for him of course but if he replies here I’m confident he’ll express such. Both of us are heavily involved in the forum, are part of the NKP program and there is a great deal going on behind the scenes ATM which requires our involvement. @oldcpu would make a great candidate though, I agree.

caf4926 > you’re right, but the problem is that a “good” candidate for a seat is an openSUSE member that is largely involved in the Project, and thus, has not lot of free time to “serve” the community. This “paradox of election” was describe by Federico Mena in his blog a few years ago.

There are plenty of members that are not so involved, but do not really represent the community. So, if you’re afraid you haven’t enough time to apply for a seat, that prove that you are a perfect candidate ! :slight_smile:

caf4926 , like you, I have way too much on my plate as it is. I note there are some excellent candidates.

I too thought of oldcpu or caf. To fill all the spare time produced by the lack of audio problems in 11.2 :slight_smile: