OpenSUSE didn't boots after install Ati driver

I’m new with openSUSE, i’ve installed 11.4 and KDE destop in my Toshiba labtop (2G ram and Ati 4570 HD series). At first, everything work fine with radeon driver for my VGA card but my laptop run a bit hot and my fan run harder than in Windows 7, so i thinks it because VGA didn’t have right driver. After trying “one click install” as this guide : SDB:ATI drivers - openSUSE, i reboot and it’s just a blank screen and Ctrl + Alt +F1 didn’t work.

For your information: it boot sucessfully in failsafe mode, even graphic goes well with startX command, and in system info, i see driver is fglrx. (At this failsafe mode, my laptop even hotter rotfl!)

Please help! What should i do? :frowning:

I think there is an issue with official ATI driver. This happens with me also, so switch back to open source driver.

Thanks for repplying,i preciate that! i’ve already swich back to radion driver, but i hope after some update, ati driver will work better than now.

You need to install the ATI driver from the ATI repository in Yast and add “nomodeset” to the kernel boot paramter in Grub.
This will fix your issue.