openSUSE Conference 2022!


Anyone else excited for openSUSE Con 2022?? I’m looking forward to my first one, and hopefully in-person! rotfl!

So I know it’s super early still, but I signed up for the openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg, and am wondering if there’s any advice on where to stay? Closer to the conference, in a very beautiful neighborhood, or something similar. I’ll be staying with a friend after (who lives in Munich), but for three nights need recommendations for the conference.

I have been to Germany a few times, but never to Nürnberg–only to Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

Of course, all the usual caveats about COVID possibly cancelling things, travel restrictions being renewed, etc. But for those (like myself) fully vaccinated, with booster, who still take seriously the pandemic, I’m hopeful of an in-person event!

Hello !

Relatively new openSUSE user here.
Yes yes, i’m excited about the conference, also i did subscribe.
I would love to come to Nüremberg to the conference.
But realistically i don’t think i will have the possibility.

Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.
Hopefully the stars will align in my favor.
Regards, Gigi

AFAICS, the Conference organisers haven’t yet presented a list of Hotels and other accommodation for the Conference but, I suspect that, they’ll being doing that when the issues around the pandemic become more manageable.

There’s an underground station near the Z-Bau and a bus stop is more or less directly alongside the venue.

Ah, that is something to look out for–I did not realise the planning would include accomodation. I was under the impression it was a “find your own way.”

Always glad to hear things are more planned than I expected. I continue to be impressed by the project.

SUSE SA and openSUSE are located in Nürnberg – many of the office staff are “locals” and therefore, local accommodation knowledge is a given … :wink:

openSUSE conference is almost here.
Sadly I’m unable to attend.
Does anybody knows if it will be hosted on-line?
I will appreciate if someone could post a link.

Many thanks.