openSUSE CLI updater

After reading an e-book about python i have created my first script. The script helps users to make system updates or upgrades without typing the commands, at a press of a keyboard button. Is good for newbies and experienced users.

My program is hosted here:
Since i`m a newbie at python, feel free to tell me if something is working wrong with the script.

Btw… can i post this in the Applications forum as well ?.. or that forum is for technical support only ? :slight_smile:

I agree that it looks great for newbies, but experienced users will probably just find it to be a hassle. Using zypper directly is a lot more flexible and doesn’t require updating a script to be able to do something new.

To make it more useful, I would recommend creating a .desktop file]( in /usr/share/applications that launches your script in a terminal. As is, the user would have to double-click on a terminal icon, type in the name “opensuse_CLI_updater”, hit enter, and then close the terminal when they’re done. With a launcher you could simply double-click on a new icon that would pop up a terminal for you, ready to go.

Not bad for a first script. :slight_smile:

What’s double-click :D?

I agree that it looks great for newbies,


Yep, nice idea.

But just one question:
Isn’t the zypper dup function a bit risky for newbies?
Just assuming, someone got the repositories messed up or just some experimental repo by trying around and not knowing on behalf of being noob… :?
zypper will ask, but anyway…

What about adding a warning, a howto or a link to where a howto can be found?
Could be some good practicing for your python.:wink:

What’s double-click ?

Something I even eliminated on the win-machine I have to use at work…rotfl!

Sometimes I forget that this forum is saturated with KDE users. :\

On 08/27/2011 01:26 AM, kog13 wrote:

> Sometimes I forget that this forum is saturated with KDE users. :\

single click has been in use by many in Linux a long long time…

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kog13: will look in to that tutorial and i will make a .desktop file too; thanks

kasi042: will add link/s about zypper to warn users

openSUSE_CLI_Updater, osCU for short, version 1.1 is here:

osCU version 1.2 is here. Changes since 1.1:

Can you tell me what GUI should i learn to use with Python? (newbie skills)

osCU version 1.3 is here. Changes since 1.2 are: