openSUSE clean install - Dual head

So I’m trying to get extended desktop working, I have a ATI Radeon HD 2600 pro card

Attempt 1**
Clean install
One-click ati driver
… white screen of death?
Attempt 2**
Clean install
Everything is all laggy, moving windows, scrolling, etc.

I’m going to do another install, can someone give me the proper steps?

For the above attempts I may have done “other” things that may have cause problems (for example I added the ati repository from the update thing in attempt 2 and then did the one click).

HCL shows: HCL/ATI Video Cards - openSUSE

Install: ATI - openSUSE

Problems: ATI - openSUSE

As much as I appreiciate the attempt to assist me, I’ve been using those sites already. I’ve tried for the third time now, and yet again, I was better off before the driver, everything is so laggy now.

Is it the 64-bit version that’s giving me problems? I have a intel q6600 quad core processor. I think I might try the 32-bit version.

Yup, I would highly suggest going with the 32 bit version, esp. if you don’t have more than 4gb of RAM. There are just fewer incompatibilities with the 32 bit version. Your steps look fine, so I wouldn’t know what else to suggest.

A re-install is probably overkill. What do you get when you run this command


Near the top. it will list your Open GL provider which should be ATI, If it’s Mesa, then the driver is not properly installed (yet).

Or this one


You will get spinning gears if everything is properly installed, and probably a “segmentation fault” message if there’s a problem.

I’ll try those two commands. First though I have a couple questions.

So I got the ATI repository right… Do I have to install through that software management? If so what do I install?

Also, is this the proper command…

aticonfig --initial