openSUSE Christmas Greetings?

Well, I was shocked when I found this during my testing with openSUSE 11.1 GM in Virtualbox. I remember seeing this in openSUSE 10.2 but I never expect it to still be here after all these years.

Have Fun!

I saw it too, but only for a day.

that is the Penguin theme and it was there in 10.2 10.3 11.0 and now in 11.1. you can edit gfxboot.cfg in /boot/message and see it more often or not at all

; penguin theme likelihood (in percent, -1 = auto)

-1 = random
0 = do not display
50 = half the time
etc. etc.

you can even loose that ugle geen
By tomslick_ca at 2008-12-22

Me too I saw on 10.2 and when I always start up any time:)

As far as I remember, it was already here when I use SuSE for the first time (SuSE 9.0, 2003).

I try about 2 minutes ago on my laptop computer “(i have a desktop computer with 2 monitor)” I try to install suse 11.1 and I saw it again.rotfl!rotfl!rotfl! yes that is the Penguin theme and it was there

those are the Pingus penguins. cool game!

If I remember correctly, #suse on Freenode were still saying “OMG! The distro is called SUSE NOT OPENSUSE!” when I last saw that.

Hehehe brings back some funny memories XD

I installed the latest VLC beta, and its tray icon is now wearing a Santa hat.:slight_smile:

Merry Christmas

I thought the “Penguin theme” is a bug of the boot loader or stg. :D:D:D

Awesome tip. I always wanted to get rid of these pingus and now they are gone forever. Thanks a lot!

Maybe editing of:



my christmas Greetings is still coming,at least it is more fun then just green background

think so, /boot/message/gfxboot.cfg doesn’t exist as message is a binary file :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda like having this boot screen or another I have used saying the computer belongs to Homeland Security

Both are really cool when you are doing public displays. If nothing else its get attention and people thinking…