openSUSE cheese

Cheese really picked up my LogiTech CarlZeiss Hi Def webcam so instantly and prompted me up on the screen. wow its perfect and razorsharp! . . . but uuuh Cheese poorly recorded video so that lots of frames missed out . . that on our new HP dv5 with 4GB ram and 500 GB hdd and hi speed 64bit ??? I am looking for reliable program enough to match up with my Pinnacle Studio 12 and 14. . ofcourse its not necessary to match up with Pinnacle but there needs to do something to enable openSUSE to perfectly record 720p videos out of hi def webcam like mine from Logitech.

Thanks so much, I am deaf and mute and having much frustrations with Windows since 1995 when I first time with win 95.

Donald Martin