opensuse Canadian mirror 404 error

trying to ‘zypper ref’ 11.0 OSS and 11.0 Non-OSS fails because of this canadian mirror. What can be done? Who should I notify?

Thats because 11.0 has been removed from that repos:
Index of /pub/opensuse/distribution

I know. And it’s so annoying that opensuse mirrorbrain isn’t aware of that fact. Can this get fixed soon?

I doubt that it will be. I note from the Packman mailing list that in addition to 10.3 being removed, 11.0 has also been removed from at least one Packman site. From what I understand now from reading various pages, 11.0 support will be ending soon (as there was a policy change) hence given the minimal support time left (about a month) for 11.0 with the new policy, I doubt the repos will be restored. Its possible I have my timings miscalculated for end of 11.0 support, but I recall it is to be removed 2 months after 11.2.

Roger. I remember now about the shortened life-cycle of opensuse. I’ll just have to take a day out to upgrade all my systems :wink: