openSUSE box as wireless router

I have a wired Internet connection connected to a small LAN consisting of three desktop boxes via a wired router. A friend gave me a wireless PCI card. Since it is designed to transmit as well as receive, is it possible to plug it into one of the motherboards and simulate a router? So that visitors can connect to my LAN. I tried a Google search, but any search containing “wireless” and “router” only finds instructions for setting up a normal wireless router.

Thanks in advance.

Hi ionmich,

You can definitely make a wireless router with openSUSE. This article may helps you, It helps me when I made my first router using openSUSE. The article is quite old (2005), but YaST doesn’t changed a lot.

Apologies. My title was incorrect and confusing. It should have read Setting Up an Access Point which is covered in…