opensuse book

Someone needs to write an updated opensuse book for 11.2. I switched to linux almost 2 years ago with ubuntu 7.10 and at the time I read a good ubuntu book which helped with the transition from windows. Now I’m really liking opensuse 11.2 but feel a little lost in kde and haven’t gotten the hang of some of the small things that are different in opensuse than ubuntu. I can’t find a good book for opensuse desktop users most of the stuff applies to servers and stuff.

So someone write an opensuse 11.2 book and I will buy it from you… lol

Whilst they’re not really “books” as such, perhaps they can guide you around a bit?


Appreciate the info.

I think you need something general about GNU/Linux.
It must not be exactly about SuSE.

a very good book (for me) was at the time ‘Beginning SUSE LINUX’ isbn= 1-59059-674-9
Apress (APRESS.COM | Books for Professionals, by Professionals …) level : beginner-intermediate . this one was for 10.1