openSUSE board elections and the openSUSE community

We have our first “public” openSUSE board elections coming up. The
original, appointed board, has done a great job getting the institution
off the ground and providing leadership for the community during the
intial term. Now we have an opportunity to express the views of the
openSUSE community in both candidate support and board direction.

I’d like to personally thank the current openSUSE board for their role
in the creation of these forums.

I have an agenda with this thread, and some political purpose in mind.
I’d like to get openSUSE accomplishments, issues, and ideas about the
future on the table. I’d like to get the community and candidates
involved in pre-election dialog.

If you’re a candidate, or are considering running for a board position,
please let us know who you are, and what you’d like to accomplish as a
openSUSE board member. If you’re an existing board member, please let
us know what your experience meant to you, what you believe were the
board’s successes, and what do you see as the most important challenges
going forward? For the rest of us, let the candidates know what you’d
like to see the board focus on for the next term. What’s important to
the openSUSE community? What challenges do we face as a community?

Community is about participation. If you’re looking for a way to
contribute, this thread could be a great start. It’s up to you. :slight_smile:

Keith Kastorff

Some great commentary from the current board chairman: openSUSE Lizards » openSUSE Board Election Comments

I briefly announced that I’m running for the next board.

You’ll have my vote you dirty belgian as long as you acknowledge they’re french fries :wink: