opensuse bittorrent tracker isn't running?

for opensuse 15.1 torrent
vuze is reporting
Error: Failed - torrent not found

going to
gives a Error 404 - NotFound

Mentioned on the German mailinglist:

Maybe you have to write a bugreport?

I had no problems downloading using torrent on 5/22,
In any case, you should turn on trackerless torrenting options in your torrent client as a backup… if you can’t contact the tracker for some reason, you should still be successful although your download might not start for 5-10 minutes.


Just fired up my torrent client and verified the tracker isn’t accessible, but several people are currently downloading using trackerless protocols…

DHT 1 seed 2 peers

DHT 24 seeds 19 peers
Local Peer Discovery 7 peers
Peer Exchange 5 peers


The stats in my previous post were only after a few minutes. After a longer wait, I’m getting far larger numers of peers (to be expected) so there’s lots of nodes in the swarms.

BTW - since not all torrent apps are built the same or work equally well,
It’s worth nothing that the vast majority of torrent clients I’m seeing are qBittorent, and a very large number of different versions, with only a few Transmission.

That might suggest a preference for qBittorrent in my geographical part of the world for whatever reason (performance? usability? features?) and a general lack of attention to updating.


i logged the issue in bugzilla
it feels a little strange as this isn’t ‘a bug’
just that a commonly used service is down
hopefully it gets the attention of the admins and they could restart the tracker

the dvd image is 3.6 GB, hopefully not too many users give up on Bittorrent and hit the direct downloads, my guess is it would become a bottleneck?

for this bulk Bittorrent should be the preferred distribution means especially when lots of users are concurrently downloading
those who have completed can add to the pool of seeds and distribute the network bandwidth out

Very nice bug report (nslook troubleshooting you added).
Clear, and IMO likely informative enough to speed a fix.


I discovered my name resolution problem was pointing to DNS servers which blacklisted
This should not affect most people except those like myself using dnscrypt-proxy.

There remains a problem that the 15.1 torrent file is “not found” on the tracker which will have to be resolved.


I download it immediately with Transmission, as I add the torrent after a few seconds part

This problem has been fixed.
Anyone still experiencing a problem should troubleshoot the problem.