OpenSUSE Best Applications

I was wondering if anyone’s ever come across a list of OpenSUSE Applications that work best or are all-rounders in terms of user experience, stability, etc etc.

I have come across such lists for Linux in general, and Ubuntu, but not one specific to OpenSUSE.

Shouldn’t we have one too??

good idea!

you could make that your project to help the community…

i’ve never seen the one for Ubuntu but since you know it, just grab a
copy and then scrub off all of those things which don’t run on
openSUSE (because they are only offered as a deb package), and you
should be done…

well, you could use the forum’s advanced search to find out the things
here that everyone hates (like beagle) and make sure it doesn’t stay
on the list…

and, since most here use KDE and most on Ubuntu use Gnome you need to
scrub off almost all Gnome apps…

and, maybe you wanna look at all the other distros and see what is on
their list that we like too…

and, you could then put your list in the poll area, or here, and ask
for comments on what should be added/deleted…

and, then you could probably put it all in the correct wiki format and
have it add…but, to do that you probably should commit to keeping it
up to date as new programs/applications become hits…die a natural
death or otherwise move out of favor…

and . . .


I agree with palladium. You could create a page in the openSUSE wiki and make a list. Or you could do your own off site list, and we could link there. Either way, its a win, win.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve begun the low-down of the (draft)list. I’ll post an update once I build a sizable list.

Doesn’t a similar list exist on linuxquestions. Perhaps you could look there for inspiration.